Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Don't Even Know How Very Special You Are.

Everytime I listen to Jay Sean's song, Down I would cry instantly. I can't stop thinking of him and I feel so sad. It kills way deep in my heart.

Its over, between me and him. And I personally don't think we could get back together because I've lost my trust on guys. In this case, I don't want to point my finger out to him or other people. Cause no use at all. I mean its totally over. However, I'm quite surprised that I could move on like so fast in an unexpected period. Haaahh, bullshit but I will try ;p

Whatever it is, he was the bestest boyfriend I've ever had in my whole entire life.

I miss to see his smile.
I miss laughing with him for some silly things.
I miss to hear his voice.
I miss the way he annoys me.
I miss the late night calls we had.
I miss watching movies with him.
I miss when he drives his car and hold my hand.
I miss when he plays with my hair.
I miss when he sings me songs.
I miss when he put his hands around my waist.
I miss being locked with his right arm.
I miss messing up his hair.
I miss to touch his face and give a kiss on his cheek.
I miss singing our favourite songs together.

Those were the part of the list I miss about him. There are more to be written here but its better for me to keep it to myself.

I want to write more about him. But sadly I don't have the strength, at all :( and it annoys me cause I still couldn't get over him although I should. *sigh

Will be back later.