Sunday, August 23, 2009

So How Did You Get Under My Skin .

You only hear half of what I say .
( I sorta like that word laa ;) )

Okay okay. Back to the real topic.

I feel horrible and disaster. I am completely knackered with all of these bollocks. I don't think I can take it any longer. Hooaa f*ck. I might probably need this :

The friends who stuck together .

I would do anything as long as I could be with them in one whole crazy and sweet day ! Cause creating moments with them makes me forget everything (excluding SPM haha) , all the bullcraps stucking in my head. It feels like the world will never comes to an end. I feel so much secure, high, wild and loved too. Hahaha. Ohgosh. Why am i feeling so sweet suddenly? :P Anyways, all of the words above truely come from the bottom of my heart :)

I love you guys equally ! Like freaking MUCH. Without you guys, honestly I don't know what would happen to me. Like SERIOUSLY ! HAHH ! By the way, thanks Fiona for helping me out this week. Even it was just a simple thing (for you), you know I'll be out of control if I didn't call you at that minute :)

It's already 1.47 am. I think I should be sleeping now. Nitey nite , xoxo.