Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Sure It Tasted Oh So Sweet .

I was in KL and on the same time the MTV World Stage happened. I was supposed to go there since Marsha offered me a couple of tickets and even forced me to go but then, I refused. Because of my sister's birthday party. Family comes first soo, don't blame me baby. Haha :)

The party was held at Kidz Sports & Gym, OU. All the family members and relatives came over to spice up the event. There were some of my small cousins and other kids playing happily with smiles and laughter, without concerning any problems and the world. They only eat, sleep, play, play and PLAY. How I wish to be a kid again :/


Pier 21 .

Me, Fiona and Fatin representing PRS club in some make up competition and it was held on Hari Kokurikulum. Farra helped me out and we succeeded for the second place. Not bad laaa ;) After 1 pm, we had our lunch at Mcd, DP and there were couple of guys or strangers came and sit with us as in like we've known each other for years -.- Daamn, it was totally freaking me out !!

Phoenix 2009. The performances were amazing and great. I'm glad that some of us could be there as supporters to scream the squad's name loudly and followed them cheering as well. Woohoooo 2010 ! Could you be any faster pretty please ? :)

Photography Session :

5 SC 3 , 2009
Last year's is still and forever the best :)
NO i don't hate this class, don't worry. Haha.