Saturday, July 11, 2009

There Was Nowhere To Hide

IGNORANCE is my new best friend .

Day by day, I've observed that life is getting harder and difficult for me to tackle. Sometimes, I'd figure people's life, their internal and external parts if they're around me. A few days ago, a teacher told us about shaping an identity of ourselves. I'm not sure of mine, honestly. And I've been thinking of it this lately. I know its weird but still, the imagination is blur. I've also avoid sort of things when it come to me whether its the BIG or the small matter.

My brother just bought me a turqoise sandal for like suddenly. Haha MAJOR weird to me, i guess ;p

I'm ecstatic with the relationship that I have with Naz. Gratefully, its still and going stronger. You know i love you :)

And you completely know the power that you have
The only one that makes me laugh

I've noticed in this month I laugh a lot with my bestfriends. Until this one level, I got over hyper that makes me walk like an idiot. Without bothering people in front of me and the scarf I wore unproperly, Mrs. Loo got speechless when she witness with my action. And by that, she told my whole classmates and even dare me to react the stupid walk. Haha but too bad, I had mood swing on that day so I refused to do it. Eventhough I want to :)