Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blow the candles out , baby .

This happens when my mood is HYPER. HAHA.

I had a great great 17th birthday !! :D

It was on last wednesday. Okay, firstly before that day starts, me and Naz already celebrated it on tuesday night. Thanks dear for the present, I'd really appreciate it. But what more I do is your love :) I absolutely had a great 3 hours with him, cause he made me smile and laugh all the time. It may be a common thing, but I don't know why that moment was so special to me. Aww. You know i love you deeply, bby

Nooww. The biggest day of the year. Cehh cehh haha ;p Oh btw, I have the same birthday date as Amirah G and Xin Yi :)
Amirah G is in the white one.

So back to the story, at school typically the new, same and ex classmates will sing the birthday song. A BIG THANK YOU! :D After 2, my driver sent me to MP to have lunch with my mum and brothers. At first, I thought of tagged along the best friends. But Fii had to go for dental appoinment and Fatin was with her, and I had no idea about Nadiah and Erziera. So then, only the 4 of us celebrated my birthday at McD. Thank you mummy for the surprise. I love you this BIIGGGGGG!! Okay, you know it is much than that right. Haha.

She looks totally cute in here! Haha <3>
After lunch, she had to go back for her work. The brothers had lost to i-dont-know-where in MP. So, just me alone there, thinking somethings I should do to have fun for my day. Too lazy to think, I walked to the Makhota Medical Centre to meet Fii and Fatin. Then, we walked back to MP like no life. Suddenly, Fii vanished herself to i had no idea the heck where which made me feel weird and mad. Again, too lazy to think, Fatin and I just walk, walk and WALK.

To cover their 'plans', Fatin asked me to accompany her to McD, DP after she bought herself a cake from Secret Recipe to meet Fii back. When walking, I was focusing on my phone and not on what Fatin was blabbering to me. Then, she stopped my way and said how 'beautiful' the necklace on the model shown in front of the Padini. I said it was soo not and she asked me to look at it deeply. When I did, I saw the reflection of people I'm really close with on the mirror and I got shocked of it. As I looked at the back, and yes I wasn't dreaming!

I was totally speechless and almost cried when they were in front of me. Fii was holding a CUTE birthday card, while Nadiah and Erziera were busy eating their ice cream. When they were about to sing the birthday song, I've decided to take a video of them. And shit, they pranked like damn mean and heartless. Watch the video first.


I heart these bitches like heck a lot !

Credits to Fiona for the ice cream thingy. Oh bitch, you know you're so going to be dead meat by end of this year. Haha ily bitch! Oh Shery, thanks a lot for the colourful words you made ++ song, present, pictures of hot guys that I'm obsess with. Aaww ilyt babe :) Somehow, I would like to give a MAJOR SUPER DUPER THANK YOU for those who wishes for me : calls, text messages, blog post, comments, birthday cards, presents, through face to face and else. Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u !!!! I love you guys sooo muucchh !! :D xxxxxxxx <33>