Friday, July 3, 2009

Better On The Other Side.

At last, all the plans had been worked out nicely. Managed to celebrate the loved ones birthday.
I love you, pa and you know that.
I'm glad to have a perfect dad like you.
You're totally good and know almost everything.
Just a word for you : AWESOME .
I got free calls on my dad's birthday which it was supposedly to be on mine. But who cares, anyways? Heh :) Me and Fatin did prank calls. Since it was my idea and my number, I never thought people would be so heartless and did the same thing to me. Thank God, it wasn't true :) Curse you, shorty! Haha.

Tuesday, right after school walk to dp. Me, Fiona, Fatin and Nadiah pranked Erziera badly. Okay laa, not so bad. Haha ;P We bought some donuts from Big Apple instead of buying 2 slice of different type of cakes. Celebrated it at Newton, we laughed out loud like there's no tomorrow. It has been a quite long time we didn't hangout at the mall together. I mean like everytime when want to go out, sure one or two pple couldn't make it. So appareantly, I enjoyed the day so much :)

FOS , haha

It was Buya's birthday on the next day. Fatin made him a sweet birthday card and a gift of course. Aaww :) Me, Naz, Fatin and the birthday boy catched a movie in that evening, Ice Age 3. We had a great time except the part Buya pranked me like seriously damn bad -.- THANKfully I could still able to control myself. If not, I would choke him like Homer did to Bart Simpson. Hahaha ;)

Oh yea, I almost forgot. I'm free from NS selection. Weehee :D But my heart doesn't feel nice since there'll be like another 2 session whatever shit I don't get in my mind until now.