Friday, June 26, 2009

I Never Thought We'd Be Here.

Anyways, i've watched the Transformers movie on last wednesday with Naz. The next day went for a PRS trip which was just around the sungai melaka and kota a'famosa. It was quite okay cuz actually me, Fatin, Hanna, and Sharmin just chit chated and didn't like follow where were the teachers going. After more than an hour, me and Fatin had our chocolate ice blended at newton.

There will be a St. David carnival at their school tomorrow and yeay got school pulaak on that morning -.- The activities sounds fun but i'm not sure I can make it or not. Cuz some of my frnds have their own plans to do on that day. Hhm. We'll see how.

Since today is 26th june, I would like to wish HAAAPPY BIIRRTHDAAAY to Razzan! :) You know you don't look 17 because your height just doesn't really click with your age. Haha. He's a basketball freak ! Everytime talking, that particular topic must always be in the conversation. Heh. May everything you do in your life ended with awesome colours.

My dad's birthday is on monday, followed by Erziera and Buya (Fatin's boyfrnd). Me and my brothers had made a plan for papa but sadly he will not be around this weekend so we've decided to cancel it :( Huhh. The plan was nice already noe! Heh. As for the other two people too, there's a plan for them which is nothing, yet. Hope it'll work out smoothly.