Thursday, October 8, 2009

When I Was Younger, I Saw My Daddy Cry And Curse At The Wind .

True friends. (cehh hahah)

They would be there for you when you need them.
Even when you're up or down.
While hearing your problems, in their mind, they're thinking of thousand ways to make you content back. Proof ? Nahh :)

Example :P haha

I miss laughing with them :'( I miss early of this year eventhough 2009 isn't over yet.
I miss those two bitches down there <33

I'm sorry if I'd hurt any of your guys' feelings. Sorry for not talking and hanging out with you guys for these past few days. I have some issues and certain of it haven't solved yet.

I need time for myself, to chill down. A little space to breath, to remember who I was. Truth to be told, I've been missing you guys like HELL. Oh damn. It's pretty amazing just how much pain the human heart can take. Ditching you guys behind my back, ignore the conversation or gossip session that you guys had, and other wrong doings that I have done.

Truthfully, I'm really really really sorryyy. I wasn't feel right and had the heart to share this problem to you all. I'm scared if you guys could not accept with the mistake that I just did. It isn't about anyone, it's about me. *SIGH

I'm sorry for being immature and irritating though.

Never mind, I guess I'll keep it to myself and let only God knows what. By the way, I have a request.

Do give me a warm hug when we meet. Swear to God, I'll cry if that happens.
I just want to feel calm and loved.
Cause i know you've got million ways to make me laugh, always got my back when we used to get ourselves in trouble. So glad to have you guys around and I miss the feeling badly.